Friday, 29 October 2010

Jaguar C-X75 electric concept.

I had to put a picture in before I worte anything. Just look at it! It's beautiful in my eyes. The new C-X75 concept from Jaguar, marking the celebration of their 75th anniversary.
The exciting bit is all underneath though... With 4 electric motors (one for each wheel), lithium-ion batteries, and 2 micro gas turbines which I shall come onto later. So, it gives 780bhp, and 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds and 205mph top speed, but will only go 68 miles on electric power.
Now, this is the clever part - this is where the gas turbines come into play. When you are in track mode these provide extra power to the electric motors, but when you're you in a normal driving mode they recharge the batteries, extending the range of the car to 560 miles.
Unfortunately, this is only a concept so the chances of us seeing this car on the roads are... slim at best. But, hopefully Jag will take this concept and be able to produce a production model from the design features they have used here. If you're listening, PLEASE DO IT JAGUAR!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

WRC, end of an era?

With the end of the WRC calender looming it looks like it is the end of an era for WRC fans. After Rally GB the top level of rally racing will be reigned in, with the cars engine sizes dropping down from 2litres to 1.6, and there will be sever constraints on gearbox technology.
The current regulations on engine have been in force since 1997, and the cars have developed so much, is this the death of WRC? Or is it going to make it more exciting? We'll have to wait 'till next season to decide...

Amazing Ferrari Enzo salt flat racer.

So, if you kind of haven't already guessed I like  more performance and motorsport orientated cars and bikes :D
So yeah, that's gonna be more of what is in my blog, with alot of electic/hybrid cars that interest me too, cause I think that's the motoring of tomorrow.
And so onto the content of this post; an absolutely mental Ferrari Enzo. It started off as a fairly standard Enzo, owned by Richard Loose. Whilst on a charity rally he had a bit of a, err, accident on Utah State Route 257, reportedly at over 100mph and his Enzo ended up looking like this:
This would put many off of supercar driver, but not Mr. Loose. Not content with just rebuilding it to standard spec, he decided to go all out.So, ontop of the rebuild, there's upgraded suspension, super skinny 'desert' tyres, and 2 turbo chargers.These giving around 20lbs of boost and the engine and an estimated 1000bhp.
The final quite interesting piece, is a redesigned nosecone, which should keep the car stable theoretially up to nearly 300mph!

Just awesome eh? Lemme know what you think.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Got a ford granada...?

Then have a look at this!
A crazy Norweigan guy wasn't content with his standard Granda so modified it... a lot. The end result was this, sporting a 600bhp Cosworth engine up front.

I don't know what they have in the water over there, but for some strange reason, this wasn't enough. And from that, this monster was born

That's a Koenigsegg engine with twin turbos.
absolutely amazing work.
To see the process from day one and check up on it, the build hread is here :

First post.

Hello the world of the internet. Discovered a pretty awesome video today, the gorgeous Citroen survolt electric car, vs an Agni electric racebike.
All very well and good, just wish they'd actually raced more rather than had just driven around slowly. Made them both look a bit crap really...